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  • Pellegrino Plumbing 6 Columbus Ave, Westerly, RI 02891 401-596-4416
  • Sam Bliven Jr Plumbing & Heating 4 Spuchy Dr, Westerly, RI 02891 401-596-0891

Westerly, Rhode Island is at the southern tip of Rhode Island. The population is about 23,000 people. Just over 50% of the population is either Italian, mostly from Scicily, or English and the Italians represent about one-third of the Westerly population.

Tourism accounts for a large portion of the town’s income. There is still some textile manufacturing and some mining of granite. During the last ice age the area was left with a glacial moraine. The debris left behind wound up in small hills, one after the other, and kettle formations. The kettle formations go all the way out to Block Island off the coast.

On the other side of the Connecticut border with Rhode Island is Pawcatuck, CT. If there were no sign you would almost think that the two towns were one. Westerly is known for its long, white sand beaches to which tourists flock in the summer.

Westerly, Rhode Island is also the closest town, of any size, in the state to the world famous Foxwoods Casino.